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Download Pegatron IPM41-D3 Motherboard Ethernet/LAN Drivers

Name: ftp
Windows 7 LAN Driver (5.14Mb):
Download (http):

Download (ftp):

Windows XP LAN Driver (4.84Mb):
Download (http):

Download (ftp):

Windows Vista LAN Driver (5.26Mb):
Download (http):

Download (ftp):
Driver Installation

To install the driver, proceed as follows

    Launch the executive file "setup.exe"
    Follow the instructions displayed by the setup.exe program 


    On Plug and Play Windows platforms, the adapter will be 
    identified and configured automatically. Please stop all the
    automatic installation by Windows system.

    To install driver, you should have administrator's privilege. 

Manual Installation

Manual installation is to install driver by the installation file 
(INF) rather than use the "setup.exe" mentioned above. To install 
driver manually, please open Device Manager, expand the Network 
adapters tree list, select the "Realtek RTL81XX Ethernet NIC", and 
click right button, execute the menu item Update driver..., and 
follow the direction to indicate the path of INF file.


    Manual installation is a kind of method of installation by 
    advanced user. Generic users please use the "setup.exe" to
    install driver.

Silent Installation

The section describes the process to install driver without showing 
any dialog box on user's screen and requiring user's attendance. If 
you need to install driver in silence, you may launch DOS prompt and 

Silent Installation

    C:>%driver_path%\setup.exe /s

Silent Removal

    C:>%driver_path%\setup.exe /s /f1".\uninstall.iss"

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