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SPPCUSTOM740.2015_0929.19.iso - HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) Version 7.4.0

Name: ftp
File name: SPPCUSTOM740.2015_0929.19.iso
File size: 620529664 bytes (591.78Mb)

MD5: fa68e80e08b18b785d7f257e0e0e4111
SHA256: e49347448cc2dce6078c40c4a0c3907aa18ea3b670ce4fa0739540e762b76405

Download (ftp):
HP Smart Update Manager is a product which updates firmware
and software on HP ProLiant servers, and firmware on HP Integrity
and HP ProLiant Moonshot servers. HP SUM has a browser-based
GUI; as well as a scriptable interface using legacy command line
interface, inputfile, and interactive command line interface modes.
For more information, please see:
HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) Version 7.4.0

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